5 Scandi-Boho Ideas To Modernise Your Home

candle on a wooden stool

I originally found ‘Scandinavian Boho’, AKA Scandi-boho, when searching through Pinterest.

Trying to decide what aesthetic to lead with in my newly decorated flat, Scandi-Boho was the perfect combination of two contrasting styles.

Scandinavian style brings crisp, clean, white space, whilst Boho brings textures, colours and warmth.

The style encompasses everything I wanted for my little flat and, after hours of Pinterest-scrolling, I had a definitive plan for how I wanted each room to look.

The pieces I’m going to share with you today are Scandi-Boho-esque. 

Versatile enough to be moved from room to room, they tie the look together.

They’re timeless pieces that will always have a place in at least one room.

Let’s get into it: 

1. Artificial Palm Plant  

palm plant

There are no two ways about it, real plants are a serious commitment. Placement, watering and pruning are not extra responsibilities I want to be accountable for right now… 

Plus I pretty much kill every plant I receive through neglect (which I’m hoping is a habit I can one day correct).

But I knew I wanted a statement plant, in this case an Areca Palm, to fit in the corner of my living room. The plant would need to fill the space, and bring some Madagascan ‘wild’ to my cosy living room. 

This artificial palm plant is IDEAL.

Its dark green leaves work beautifully with the soft colours of the Scandi style. Plus the branches can be shaped to suit.

If you want to bring some ‘natural’ warmth into your room, this product is a brilliant fit. 


2. Kuba Rattan Planter

Kuba rattan planters

After endless searching, my partner found this beautiful Kuba Rattan plant pot, which perfectly fit the palm mentioned above. 

As soon as it arrived and we carefully lowered the palm into it, I knew it was a winner. The soft colour and beautiful texture of the rattan makes for a perfect addition. 


3. Hairpin Tables: Coffee Table & Side Table

coffee and side tables with hairpin legs

You can probably see the colour scheme starting to peak out in these choices. Soft beige, off whites, green and light wood, all characteristic of the Scandi-Boho style.  

At the time, I bought these tables in a light wood effect to lean closer to the Scandi style. They make a beautiful choice if you don’t want your tables to be bold statement pieces. The hairpin legs add an extra layer of detail, without stealing away attention from the rest of your room. 

If the lighter shade isn’t to your taste, there’s also a dark wood effect which makes the hairpin legs look gorgeous. As of the date of posting, the lightwood tables have sold out, but the rich darker versions are thankfully still available!

These tables have been an excellent purchase and were super easy to put together. What’s not to love? 


4. Tripod Floor Lamp

light wood tripod floor lamp with white lampshade

I’ll admit, I’ve been trying to reduce my IKEA spending…

But this lamp was an exception. 

I had been searching for a tripod floor lamp for a while, but none of them were right. The shade was either a rose pink colour, the legs were a dark wood, or the lamp itself was too short.

And then I found this beauty. 

It’s now one of my most loved pieces. 

The colour of the lampshade and legs, the circular shade and the way it spreads the light.

It gives off the most cosy vibe, which is a real bonus on cold evenings, snuggled under a blanket with a hot drink warming your hands. 

It’s a perfect addition to any living room or bedroom, and the Scandi style shines through with its simplistic and crisp lines.

You also don’t have to worry about a draping cord because IKEA’s already thought of that. There’s easy-to-use cord storage which is very nordic in style, and super practical. 

Lastly, the lamp shade is made from recycled PET bottles.

Given our plastic pollution problem, this is extremely important.

Whilst this tripod floor lamp is not completely made from recycled/sustainable sources, I’m glad IKEA is shifting to more environmentally friendly products. 


5. Boho-style Runner Rug

Moroccan-style runner rug

If you go to Pinterest and type in “Boho interior design”, you’re likely to come across a moroccan-style red rug draped across a wooden floor. 

This runner is an affordable smaller alternative, creating a beautiful leading line in any hallway.

I love this runner and would suggest, if you’re looking into adding some Boho influence to your room’s aesthetic, you see if this piece can fit in your plans.

It’s a real show stopper! 

The Roundup

If I could detail everything I’ve bought in the last few months, I would, but these pieces are the most versatile. Their colours, shapes and textures each add their own Scandi-Boho personality to your space. 

It’s also worth mentioning, in a bid to live a more sustainable life, most of my furniture is second hand (from Facebook Marketplace or Ebay). 

Buying second hand is a great way to get timeless pieces of furniture for a fraction of the cost. From our sideboard to our dining table and chairs, my partner and I have picked up some sturdy pieces for dirt cheap (including a handmade bed frame worth over £450 for just £27!), and love them even more for it.  

To find some brilliant pieces, make sure to regularly check sites such as eBay and local listings on Facebook Marketplace. You never know what you might find! 

Happy home-making! 

Paloma x

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