Welcome to Paloma Jo!

I’m Paloma, a 20-something half South American, half British lover of tea ♥

This blog began after a beautiful holiday in Seville with my partner, when I came to the earth-shattering conclusion that my life had somehow run away with itself, leaving any goals and dreams I had miles behind.

Like so many of us, I was working for a company I didn’t care about in a role that had nothing to do with my passions, which seemingly manifested itself into an erratic irregular eye twitch – quite the fairytale. 

I was going through the motions from the moment I woke up until the end of the working day; a nervous wreck with no nails left to bite.

As the clock struck five o’clock signalling home-time, my jaw would unclench, my shoulders would drop and life in general felt lighter. 

The tension, strain and erratic twitchy eye seemed to follow me around until it became unbearable. Keeping quiet and pretending that this was just ‘part of life’ was no longer an option. 

I began to confide in friends and family, and the more I talked of the sinking sensation which was slowly engulfing me, the more I realised:

It wasn’t just me. 

Stuck in a life that wasn’t theirs. Trapped in a job that paid the bills but didn’t pave the way for fulfilment. Confined to the boundaries of stability and safety, where the office job provides everything you need, until you realise it’s not giving you what you want. 

In the midst of the global pandemic I decided enough was enough. 

I evaluated my skills and interests and realised I have so much to share which could help others and inspire those who also felt as I once did.

Finding what inspires you, prioritising personal development to keep growing or travelling to places off the beaten track to find a hidden gem.

I’ll share all the tips, hacks and adventures I come across in the hope that you may be inspired to also chase what you enjoy and break out of the 9-5 norm. 

We’re all in this together, so we may as well help each other! 

Navigate through the site as you wish. You can start with my latest posts first for recent insights or head to one of the main categories for a blog binge.

However you begin, I hope you’ll be greatly inspired. So make yourself a cup of comfort, stretch out and enjoy. 

Paloma x