Simple Housekeeping Tips To Prevent Post-Holiday Stress

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Have you ever come home from a weekend away or a two-week beach break to find dirty plates, unmade beds and a reminder of the chaos that ensued before you left? 

After recently visiting my family for one night in London, I realised the importance of checking a few boxes before you go. 

It can make a real difference to your mental wellbeing when you return. 

My usual routine is as follows: 

  • Wake up later than planned – don’t have time to make my bed
  • Hurriedly eat breakfast with no time to wash up
  • Pack my things
  • Throw most of my clothes out of my wardrobe in search of a specific item
  • Look for a random item I’ve forgotten to pack – overturn my living space to find it 

It’s pretty chaotic.

Whilst it (mostly) gets me to my destination on time, the feeling of returning to a messy, chore-filled apartment doesn’t fill me with joy about returning. 

But my last trip was different. 

Coming home was sweeter than usual because all I had to do was fling my dirty clothes in the washing machine. 

So what was different this time around?

Being Pro-Active

  • I woke up with enough time to prepare for the trip and even some unexpected tasks. 
  • My partner washed everything up so there was nothing waiting to be cleaned.
  • I allowed myself extra-time, so all the flung-on-the-floor clothes and items were put away. 
  • I quickly grabbed the corners of the bed and made it up in 30 seconds flat. 

In essence, I had prepared for the worst. 

By leaving myself extra time in the morning, I could complete the chores that cause me stress upon my return: 

  • Piles of clothes and items strewn around the home
  • Unwashed dishes 
  • Unmade bed 

If I’d been away for longer, I would have made sure to pay any bills, send emails and ticked off all items on my to-do list. 

This would stop anything hanging over me during my time away. 

Holidays are for relaxation and fun

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ll do it when you get home. 

You’ll only stress yourself out. 

Focus on the areas that cause you stress which require attention before you leave. Make extra time before your departure to address those areas. 

Taking time out for these activities means you can leave in the knowledge that, when you return, you can stay relaxed long after your holiday has ended. 

Paloma x

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